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Here you'll find some natty - that's 'natty', not 'nasty' - online tools that make life on the web a little bit easier. Or they might not.

  • JSCalc / [ JSCalc ]
    A fully functional emulation of a simple handheld calculator. It's a beta version so there are a couple of non-critical bugs. Any serious problems can be mailed to the address at the bottom of the page. [The second link opens the calculator in its own credit-card-sized window.]
  • Subnet Calculator / IP Formatter
    More JavaScript to calculate IP subnets and display IP addresses in various formats - edit any field and the other fields will update when you tab away.
Text Processing
  • ROT13 / ROT(1-25)
    A JavaScript ditty that translates any text given to it into ROT13 and back again.
    Now with the ability to ROT any other number too.
    The sample text is still worth mucking around with :)
  • C64 Opening Screen
    Not quite the same as the equivalent link on the Stuff page, but if your browser supports style sheets you can take a look


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