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A collection of bric-a-brac wanted by me or other people at one time or another... Yes. That means that this is the attic of unwanted yet interesting junk. Enjoy.

  • The ASCII Art Page
    A PHP based page (my first one that does more then just include another file!) that lets you view the ASCII art designs I've done. Enjoy.
Mr. Munchmallo Angst
  • The Angst Page
    Stressed out? Need to chill? This page won't help. It contains links to stuff I wrote as much as ten years ago when I was stressed out and needed to chill.
Web Media Misc
  • The ISP in-joke
    My colleagues will recognise this as a parody of the things I work with. Others will not understand the joke. It looks OK in IE on a Windows box, but I don't expect it looks any good anywhere else... No <img> tags whatsoever are used to create this!!
  • The Ultimate Jargon File (2.3M!)
    This is huge! - If your connection can handle it, this is the much fabled Jargon File, containing hacker lore and jargon terms from the time the first ever CPU added 2 and 2 'til now.


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