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Warren's Wood - A text adventure

This little proof-of-concept is a translation of a simple text adventure I wrote a couple of years ago in Perl. The conversion to JavaScript was more straightforward than I expected, but the resulting code is fairly messy. A rewrite isn't on the cards for the next million years, so it's here under the RAW! banner until I get around to doing just that.

The old Perl version, took about a month to write (in between other things - earning a living for instance), but the main basis for it took about 15 minutes. This translation took a couple of days. Hint: To see the old Perl code, try typing MMIII somewhere.

Bug reports (for this JavaScript version) to the address at the bottom, but I think I've caught all the translation related bugs already.

What now?


  • If you find something in the Wood, you'll need to 'take' it - you don't pick things up automatically.
  • There are some things you shouldn't take, and others where it may or may not be worthwhile to try if you're low on health. (Hint: Can you cook?)
  • There are three ways to die. One of them is quitting. The other two are for the player to discover.
  • Teaser: There are two possible endings to the completed game.
  • Oh, and a quick warning: Reading the source will spoil some of the game. Try to avoid doing that until you've at least played a couple of times!


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