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Sliding Squares Ultra

If you've not seen anything like addictive little game before, the premise is very simple: The aim is to move all the squares back into number order after they've been scrambled. The only move available is to click a square next to the empty square, thus moving it into the hole.

If you can't see numbers in a grid below this, you might like to try the 4x4 only grid instead; your browser may cope better.

Choose dimensions: by


  • To change the grid dimensions, first choose the width and height with the provided drop-down menus, then click the Reset button.
  • If you get stuck or want to start over, click the Reset button without changing the dimension settings. You can hit Scramble again for a new puzzle to solve.
  • NB: 'Scramble' takes the grid as-is to jumble; it doesn't reset into order first. This means that scrambling more than once may result in a more difficult puzzle.


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