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Well, ladies and gentlemen; It seems that my life has taken me away from Euphoria, that clever little programming language I started using as an aside to my university degree.

My life is now one of System Administration with Perl, JavaScript and Shell Scripting ruling my need for coding.

Even so, I did produce one or two things of worth for this programming language: Some experimental coding concepts and of course, the jewel of my time in Euphoria-land... The DateTime library.

Euphoria Date & Time Handling
The code is tweaked, the manual too. New and improved for 2003 - DateTime.e is back!
Rather than wax lyrical about the library, the files can speak for themselves:

File_ID.diz A short description of the current release.
Readme.txt A fuller description all the new features and changes in the current release.
DateTime.e The main library source code
DateTime.txt Full documentation for the main library (runs to over 25 pages if printed).
Easter.DT An add-on for DateTime.e for calculating the date of Easter.
Easter.txt Full documentation for Easter.DT.
DateTime.zip All of the above rolled into one handy download.
Euphoria Experimental Other Stuff
  • Euphoria Icons
    Some 16-color icons I did for the various filetypes for the language No documentation, but you're smart, yes?; You can work it out. :)
  • A Euphoria CGI Script
    Of course, it made it a bit easier to get this to run seeing as I work for the ISP that my site is hosted with ;-)


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