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No, I don't draw my own comics; My artistic talents leave quite a lot to be desired. This page contains links to my favourite online comics - and there's quite a few. M'colleagues tell me that I seem to spend all my time reading them. That's simply not true - Most of the time I'm busy reading newsgroups. ;-)

Quik Linx - Mixed age ratings - see below for more

MRA+ Family Fare Geeks & Nerds Big Kids Only
8 Garfield  [Notes] Nerd Boy  [Notes]  
10 Big Nate  [Notes] User Friendly  [Notes]  
12 1/0  [Notes] The Dilbert Zone  [Notes]  
14 Get Fuzzy  [Notes] GPF Software  [Notes] Soap On A Rope  [Notes]
16 Wigu  [Notes] Angst Technology  [Notes] Sinfest  [Notes]
18 9 Chickweed Lane  [Notes] Sluggy Freelance  [Notes] Road Waffles  [Notes]
+Minimum Reading Age
Comics.com & Garfield.com - Rated 'U'

Each of these strips have links to find out more about it and the characters portrayed. You can also reach your own insights by reading the past month's-worth of comics. Saves me writing a whole article on them anyway. :)
  • The Dilbert Zone
    Surely everyone knows who Dilbert is? No? You sure you've got a 'net connection?
    Dilbert is the person who represents the average Joe (or Dilbert) in today's technologically advanced workplace. He's a nerd, he has nerdy friends and co-workers and he's never happier that when he gets his office PC upgraded.
  • Get Fuzzy
    Can you imagine a world exactly like this one, but animals speak in human words and act much like children? Catch up with Rob Wilco and his 'kids' Satchel the Dog and Bucky the Cat. The dog is not a toy...
  • 9 Chickweed Lane
    It's hard to describe this strip, or the Freudian reasons for my liking it. Maybe I like the artwork or the wry observations on life. Or maybe it's the fact that it's about a family of 3 females.
  • Big Nate
    Do you remember life at school? Or maybe you're still there. Either way you'll identify with Nate and his friends in this, yet another wry look at life.
  • Garfield
    Garfield has been described as the world's laziest cat, and also a lazy person trapped in a cat's body. If you've never come across the orange stripey one before, there's 9000 cat cartoons waiting for you. Catch up with the antics of Garfield, Jon, Odie and friends in today's strip. Click that link!
Geeky Stuff - Rated 'U' unless specified otherwise
  • User Friendly
    This particular cartoon is mentioned several times on this web site. I like it especially because it's based within an Internet Service Provider much like the one I already work for. Support Techs, Sysadmins and Machiavellian methods all help to make their world an interesting place.
  • GPF Software
    The geek comic with a twist. It began much like User Friendly, with Nick, Ki, Fooker (That's "oo" as in "moon", not "book"!) and gang in a small out-of-the-way software company. Then the future folded onto the past and it's now a roller-coaster ride of action, humour and darkness.
  • Nerd Boy
    The adventures of a little nerdy character made up of ASCII characters. Be bitchy with Mandy, excited with Fanboy, cool with W4R3Z D00D, sad with Hammerhead, and various other adjectives with characters in this kooky little ASCII-art strip.
  • Angst Technology
    Much like User Friendly, this comic strip is set within a company dealing largely with computers and the odd characters that use them. Be sure to duck when WebMonkey takes aim, and get Dante some coffee now, dammit, he's got a deadline to beat.
  • The Dilbert Zone
    Notes here.
  • Sluggy Freelance - Rated 'PG13' / 'PG'
    See below.
Big Kids Only- Rated 'PG13' / 'PG' unless specified otherwise
  • Sinfest
    The adventures of a short guy who is trying to sell his soul to the devil for some remarkably cheap and tacky things, his sidekick, his sometime girlfriend(?), the devil and God himself. A darn funny, and well drawn strip. People of an sensitive nature may find Sinfest offensive. I don't, but hey, don't say you haven't been warned. >:-D
  • Sluggy Freelance
    How best to describe this strip? Hmm. Nope. It's about two guys called Torg and Riff. Torg's a bit of dork, Riff's an inventor and they used to live in the same complex as a girl called Zoë. But that doesn't do it justice. You'll have to read it to understand. Just don't let Aylee, Bun-Bun or the incompetent demon Reakk get you.
  • Soap On A Rope
    Max is an on/off unemployed bum with an online comic strip. He currently lives in a decommisioned Nuclear Silo with his on/off boss and his cohorts who he likes to pretend like him. There are aliens and no badly written reviews in this comic strip.
  • Road Waffles - Rated 18!
    You know what a Road Waffle is? It's that flattened lump of animal flesh often found in the middle of the road after something gets too intimate with the underside of a vehicle. This strip raises that concept to the next exponential by having very little to do with animals being killed per se, but there's death - and lots of it - yet somehow the characters take no notice (usually because they caused it). And then there's Merv...
Other Comics - Rated 'U' unless specified otherwise
  • 1/0
    The comic with very little respect for the 'fourth wall' - the unwritten rule in cartoons that states that characters can't talk to the artist that draws them. The characters live in a world carved from the corpse of a character from Sluggy Freelance, and are all anthropomorphs of sorts. There are molecules, ghosts of molecules, eyeballs with teeth, earthworms and golems in this strange and amusing little strip. You'll like it.
  • Wigu
    Wigu Tinkle is a prodigious little boy who is trying to grow up as normally as possible when his Mom's a former alcoholic control freak, his Dad writes music for 'adult' movies, his big sister is a Goth and he is persistently visited by aliens from Butter Dimension3. Topato (from aforementioned dimension) says "I am made of poison!"


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